Sep 24, 2020
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Thursday 11/17 Insider Buying Report: TTD, MED

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As the saying goes there are various possible reasons for an insider to sell a stock but only one reason to buy — they expect to make money. So let s look into two noteworthy recent insider buys. At The Trade Desk (TTD) a filing with the SEC revealed that on Tuesday Director Kathryn E


Falberg purchased 80 000 shares of TTD at a price of $25. 85 each for a complete investment of $2. 07M. The Trade Desk is trading up about 2. 9% on the day Thursday. This purchase marks the first one filed by Falberg in the past twelve months. And at Medifast (MED) there was insider buying on Tuesday by Director Glenn W


Welling who bought 35 000 shares for a price of $39. 02 each for a trade totaling $1. 37M. This buy marks the first one filed by Welling in the past twelve months. Medifast is trading up about 1. 3% on the day Thursday. To this point Welling is within the green up about 4


1% on their buy in keeping with today s trading high of $40. 60

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