Sep 24, 2020
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How To Nab A Raise, Sell Old Stuff And, Basically, Make More Money

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Day 28: Could you be earning more money? Here s how to benefit from opportunities that lead to extra cash. This post is part of FORBES  30 Day Money Challenge. Follow along on Twitter with #30DaysOfMoney or with the timeline posted here. The dirty little secret of non-public finance is this: spend less and save more is good advice but only to a point


Spending less money won t get a single mother living in deep poverty in Philadelphia off of food stamps. Nor will it transform the life a college grad struggling with $200 000 in student loans. Lots of times there isn t more you could cut from your budget or even if there is it s not likely to make an appreciable impact


Among the issues of personal finance is it s very concentrated on cutting back Matt Becker a fee-only financial planner admitted to me recently. Becker and I were talking about how to best prioritize competing financial goals and I asked him what he d tell someone whose cash flow is so meager that saving up to $10 would feel like a luxury


His answer: as best as you could find opportunities that could put additional cash on your pocket. I know that sounds condescending but there are how you can do it whether it s negotiating a raise at your current job or taking up work at the side. There are lots of ways people get creative—and that extra income can make a big impact he said


So with that during mind the 28th challenge of 30 Days of Money will discuss generating more income. Below is a guide to soliciting for a raise finding an aspect gig and making money off of old belongings. While none of these is a silver bullet for getting out of debt or significantly increasing your net worth hopefully at least among the tips within will lead to a little bit of extra cash on your wallet


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Why Kids Of All Races Need To Know How To Talk About Race If it s been awhile since you ve asked for a raise read: Script: How To Ask For A Raise


The finest tips within: If you work a retail job you might just walk up to your manager and say What’s the process for buying a raise here? and What are your manager s biggest performance-review objectives for this year? You need to know what they are. If you have a decent relationship with your manager ask him or her


What are the big items on your plate this year? How To Ask For A Raise When You Hate Talking About Money. Best tip: practice your haggling skills. Walk into a coffee shop and ask for 10% off your purchase just because. It can sound daunting to invite a complete stranger for a chit but it won t kill you


The trick here is not to fret about getting a yes—though surprisingly most times you will (seriously try it!)—but rather to force yourself from your comfort zone. One of these discomfort is the key to growth and mastering difficult conversations. The 10 Biggest Mistakes People Make When Requesting A Raise. Wisdom to remember: Don t use a counteroffer once you re not actually prepared to leave


Some superiors see counteroffers as the equivalent of somebody holding a gun to their head. If your manager is one of those people he might be offended upset that you went behind his back question your loyalty decide he doesn t desire to work with you anymore or all the above


Therefore never use a counteroffer unless you actually wouldn t mind leaving the company. On the other hand if you have a good relationship with your boss a counteroffer could be a very effective way of demonstrating your value in the marketplace. It s a concrete way of exclaiming It’s what I m worth


If you d like to find a side gig read: 44 Ways To Make More Money. Best tips: If you re handy and generally available to run errands sign up with TaskRabbit or Zaarly  or just put a notice up on Craigslist to get groceries for time-crunched people or do general handy person tasks for the useless-with-a-hammer set


And Be a mystery shopper: Get hired to shop and then report back on your experience. Find out how it works and then to prevent mystery shopping scams find legitimate opportunities at the Mystery Shopping Providers Association. 81 Sites To Find Side Gigs To Earn More Money Now. The finest ideas: Be a web survey taker or try your hand at being a virtual juror


Sites like MySurvey. com and ValuedOpinions. com pay out sums of about $5 to take online surveys about brands and products. Other sites like Harris Pollsand Nielsen pay participants on a rewards system author Emma Johnson writes. And during sites like OnlineVerdict and SignupDirect you could review legal cases and share your impression of the argument — helping attorneys prepare for trial and get paid up to $60 per gig


If you re thinking of marketing old stuff for cash read: 24 Ways To Save Find And Earn Extra Money With Minimal Effort. Best tip: Claim unclaimed money. States sometimes take possession of assets which are deemed unclaimed. The assumption is to protect property of the deceased for rightful heirs


But states were known to make mistakes–search MissingMoney. com for assets you have got forgotten about. Eight Tips From The Pros For Selling On eBay. Best tip: tell a story. A lasting appeal of programs like Antiques Roadshowon PBS comes from learning the lives of the artifacts. Sometimes a baseball card is nothing more than that


On the other hand years ago I bought a vintage Mickey Mantle from the 1950s. After sending an email it turns out the seller was the original owner and saved up his money to purchase for it games on his high school team. He remembered hanging from his Schwinn s handle bars


His nostalgia was infectious. Include your interesting back stories on your descriptions. Related from Forbes: Gallery: How To Make More Money: 44 Strategies
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