Sep 24, 2020
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How A High School English Teacher Makes Extra Money As A Successful Fashion Blogger

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Photo courtesy of Kimberlee Postell By Paulana Lamonier This story originally appeared on LearnVest. In our series My Money-Making Side Gig we get the scoop on enterprising folks who are becoming ahead on their financial goals by burning the midnight oil. The objective? Go backstage to profit exactly how they re doing it—so you could see if the side job could be a fit for you too


Today s side gig spotlight: one woman who merges her background in teaching with a fondness for fashion to assist women discover—and monetize—their digital brands. By day she s known as Mrs. Postell a high school English teacher in North Carolina. But once Kimberlee Postell signs directly to social media outside of class she transforms into lifestyle blogger The Natural Fashionista


Postell created her site  Naturally Fashionable in 2010 to assist women of all sizes curate their personal style with confidence—whether meaning pulling together a figure-flattering and fashionable wardrobe experimenting with makeup or embracing a natural hairstyle. PROMOTED Deloitte BRANDVOICE | Paid Program
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VT Engage Rally The Youth Vote On Campus RELATED: Sunday Habits That Jump-Start Job Success All Week Long Today her site receives just about 20 000 page views monthly and she s developed partnerships with lifestyle powerhouses like Avon Gwynnie Bee Macy s Forever 21 PopSugar and Pantene


But brand sponsors aren t the only relationships Postell has been forging. In 2014 she launched Blog With Kim  a teaching platform where she writes articles and hosts live webinars showing new bloggers the way to develop their own personal brand and the way to find their voice using social media


Between Naturally Fashionable and Blog With Kim Postell has fostered a community where aspiring and experienced bloggers social media influencers and businesswomen can network and create business opportunities for themselves. Here s how Postell teaches her audience how to turn blog posts into paychecks. Who: Kimberlee Postell 35 My Day Job: High school English teacher outside Raleigh North Carolina My Side Gig: I m a blogger and influencer


I also teach others about the power of blogging and the way to leverage social media to build a personal brand. How I Got Into Lifestyle Blogging and Teaching Blog Courses: Blogging started out as a hobby. Back when I used to be a new blogger I had no clue what I used to be doing


Since I saw it as only a hobby I wasn t exactly attempting to methods to be a stronger blogger but just learning the ropes as I went. I wasn t looking for classes—I didn t even know they existed. About two years ago I began educating myself on the business of blogging


I used to be already spending much time doing something that I loved and I figured it was time to explore monetizing strategies. My plan was to put my earnings back into the blog if needed. After consuming as much information as I may on the subject I used to be amazed at all of the things I didn t know about blogging


After a while I started to think: I m actually trained to coach people and I do this in the lecture room all of the time. Blog With Kim came from my love of teaching. I wished to expand my platform and helping other bloggers was the ideal way to do that


I teach the essentials of blogging from The way to Start A Blog to Revive Your Instagram to Affiliate Marketing 101. How Much Time I Dedicate to It—and the Payoff: I spend between 20 to 35 hours a week on Naturally Fashionable and Blogging With Kim. My usual day-to-day involves waking up at 5 a


m. to be at work at 7:30 a. m. I don t blog in the morning because I m not a morning person but sometimes I ll take the last 10 minutes of my classroom planning period to look at the schedule of my blog and notice what I need to do later in the day


During lunch I do my social media promotion. RELATED: 6 Killer Morning Moves That Can Really Turbocharge Your Work Day Then after school my husband and I’ll visit dinner and the remainder of the night is me working on my computer from 6 p. m. to about 10 p. m. —and sometimes 2 a


m. if I’ve got a deadline! It s an ongoing joke with my husband that I basically work all day and night but he supports me and knows I m building something. He even helps me with my photo shoots for the blog and my YouTube videos which we do on the weekends


It s not just writing posts but creating ideas preparing and establishing for photo shoots and forming the logo overall. People don t think about all of the things you need to do to actually blog. It s involved. I m really strategic with the time I spend on social media


Even though it s lots of work I admire it. Last year I made about $10 000 from teaching my blogging courses and I ll probably double that this year. My new courses are all $29 as I keep them at a cost point where I don t have got to work myself to death yet people feel like they re learning and gaining something


I also have one for $79 called blogging basics. If I run posts that are sponsored by a brand and do affiliate marketing online where I mention products in a post and earn commission on items that are sold I can bring in another $5 000 to $7 000 per year from both small boutiques as well as big brands


When I run a sponsored post I m compensated by a brand to share information a product or a service. Affiliate marketing online means I receive a commission when an item is purchased using a link on my site. What I Do With My Side Gig Income: I save it! To be honest I used to be never good with money until I began blogging but I do you need to be wise with my money


On special occasions I ll treat myself for all of the hard work I do. For my most recent birthday I splurged on some Louis Vuitton bags. But commonly I don t believe in living a flashy lifestyle whether it s for blogging purposes or otherwise. And anyway saving money is fun


I never thought that once I used to be younger but I locate that to be true for me now. It s nice to enter your savings account and notice that you’ve got a nice cushion in there to protect yourself if anything were to happen. To me saving money is where it s at


I ve also recently been ready to hold more events where I invite readers of Blog With Kim and Naturally Fashionable to empower women to feel beautiful and develop their personal style. While fun and encouraging hosting them can cost upwards of some thousands of dollars. Last year I did about three events and funded them completely including renting the venue space deciding to buy food and catering providing gifts to my guests hiring an event planner and so on


So lots of my income will go back into events for my readership and brand promotion. The Best Thing About My Side Gig: I admire with the ability to express my creativity while earning a supplemental income. The Most Challenging Thing About My Side Gig: The sacrifice. Sacrificing time with your family and friends—those relationships can suffer


Between an afternoon job and an aspect job you re always wrestling from side to side between two worlds that is why I believe an aspect gig can only last so long. That s why they call it an aspect gig—you can t burn the candle at both ends forever


My Best Advice for Someone Who Wants to Try This: Do just it! Don t wait to feel confident. When you have a concept begin exploring that concept immediately and put the work in. RELATED: My Fabulous Money-Making Side Gig: I Sell My Crafts on Etsy LearnVest Planning Services is a registered investment adviser and subsidiary of LearnVest Inc


that gives financial plans for its clients. Information shown is for illustrative purposes only and isn’t intended as investment legal or tax planning advice. Unless specifically identified as such the individuals interviewed or otherwise listed during this piece are neither clients employees nor affiliates of LearnVest Planning Services and the views expressed are their own


Please consult a financial adviser attorney or tax specialist for advice specific to your financial situation. LearnVest Planning Services and any third parties listed associated with or otherwise appearing during this message are separate and unaffiliated and aren’t accountable for one another s products services or policies. LearnVest Inc. is wholly owned by NM Planning LLC a subsidiary of The Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company

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