Sep 24, 2020
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This Man Says He Can Improve Your Credibility In The Global Village

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Mitchell Levy seeks to find the ways wherein individuals can best serve others MITCHELL LEVY Nobody could accuse Mitchell Levy of hiding his light under a bushel. The fellow who describes himself as a Global Credibility Expert is a best-selling author of countless books consultant to more than 100 companies entrepreneur and TEDx speaker — all while being happily married for 30 years


And yet in the crazy times wherein we find ourselves — with the passage from the industrial era to the digital age suddenly speeded up and folks of all sorts worldwide having to determine how they will make a living — he could just be one of those to supply some guidance


For self-serving as it can appear Levy s modus operandi is designed to bring out the finest in others. Certainly he helps others discover their strengths and how they can use them to forge a career. Like many others he recognises that the disruption to our way of life created by the coronavirus pandemic has brought about numerous people reappraising things


As he says numerous people feel they don’t want to continue doing what they did before but don’t know what to do next. Various people are finding out how to live purposefully but they don t know how to be entrepreneurial. Levy has based much of his publishing career on ghost-writing books for would-be thought leaders


In this he has an easy formula: an interview spanning two to 3 hours which helps him extract the genius from the head of the man concerned that is over the process a few months transformed by him and his team into a publishable book. And he has a similar method of guiding individuals through the hot business landscape


LinkedIn has become the popular option for professionals and bosses looking to advance themselves. Yet says Levy most LinkedIn profiles — and he claims to have studied more than 100 000 — don t reflect the human behind it. What people need is a manner of demonstrating the expertise they have. As probably expected from a guy who talks plenty about Aha moments Levy has a comparatively simple answer


They wish if you want to describe a Customer Point of Pain. Too often individuals descriptions of what they do bump into as sales propositions he says. Instead people have got to think in terms of who they serve and what they can do for them. Levy describes it as the particular problem issue or concern that your customers and prospects have that you help resolve


The phrase that describes it should be short memorable shareable and begs the statement tell me more. In the net age he adds a clearly articulated Customer Point of Pain will resonate. PROMOTED Civic Nation BRANDVOICE | Paid Program
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In Yemen Moms Sew Masks To Protect Their Kids And Their Community But there is an important proviso


The old sense of thought leadership entered at the traditional notion of anyone who had all the answers and hence various followers. His definition — as set out in his TEDx talk — is more nuanced. Lately he says everybody has the chance to chat in an effort to be heard you ought to be trusted by your audience


And that depends on three virtues — vulnerability (not always having the answers) integrity (saying who you’re and being who you say) and authenticity (really demonstrating who you are). It s not about one person. It s not about the star he says. That’s really more like servant leadership — anyone using their expertise to solve another s problems or to fulfil their needs


As Levy says the best statements of this way come over less as sales fronts and more about showing concern for fellow human beings. Companies in the industrial age largely cared only about creating wealth but in what Levy calls the global village much more is at stake

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