Sep 24, 2020
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Dropbox Blazing A Trail For Apple, Google, Amazon And Microsoft To Make Money

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Image via CrunchBase Dropbox is a brand new sort of service that makes a file saved in a special folder in your computer available on all of your computers and mobile devices; it also puts the file within the cloud. This allows you to share files and folders across the Internet with anyone you chose


Forbes Victoria Barret has written a great piece on Dropbox as Forbes cover story. Barret does a great job describing Dropbox s competition as follows: There s also the problem of competition. Houston rattles off the list: Apple Google Microsoft Amazon in a fashion then there s IDrive YouSendIt Box


net dozens of startups even e-mail … people sending themselves everything. While he believes Dropbox will torpedo the backup industry within five years he especially fears iCloud which will surely push itself upon the 222 million those who ve bought iPhones iPods and iPads and Google s rumored Drive product (1 billion people visit Google sites monthly according to Comscore and 190 million worldwide now have an Android device)


I need to confess from the outset that I am a Dropbox user and so are my colleagues. I had tried various cloud based storage services before I discovered Dropbox. Dropbox was the most innovative worked flawlessly and is the simplest to use. PROMOTED Grads of Life BRANDVOICE | Paid Program
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The five ecosystems belong to Microsoft (MSFT) Google (GOOG) Apple (AAPL) Amazon (AMZN) and Facebook. These ecosystems are like a tsunami. Once the tsunami starts there is no standing in its way. As an entrepreneur I’ve got experienced several tsunamis in my life. When Microsoft Office Suite started taking over there was no room for my companies products that merely addressed some features within the Office


Similarly when Enterprise Resource Planning systems (ERP) from the likes of Oracle (ORCL) and SAP (SAP) started gaining wide spread acceptance my companies that produced the best of breed software for specific functions within the enterprise needed to concede defeat. For Dropbox the handwriting is on the wall. Allow us to first examine Microsoft


A cloud storage service called Windows Live SkyDrive was launched by Microsoft on May 22 2008 in 62 countries. According to Microsoft SkyDrive has 100 million users. When Dropbox came along SkyDrive was not as much as par so I switched from SkyDrive to Dropbox. As Dropbox gained popularity Microsoft was not sitting idle


On June 20 2011 Microsoft re-launched an updated SkyDrive to raised compete with Dropbox. The recent offering from Microsoft competes well. The most important threat to Dropbox isn’t from SkyDrive because it exists today but from Mango. Mango is the subsequent version of the Windows Phone Operating System. Among the key features of Mango is tight integration with SkyDrive


For instance Mango allows users to share pictures stored in SkyDrive via email text or instant messaging. Users will be capable of share videos immediately after shooting them. Sharing documents will become even easier. Better of all the complex tasks will happen automatically within the background to make an extremely user friendly system


Windows 8 in general may also offer tight integration with SkyDrive for various tasks. As these new Microsoft products become available there will be no point for Windows users to use Dropbox. Amazon has an extremely ambitious offering called Cloud Drive. Should you prefer to get their music video and books from Amazon there is simply not any reason to use Dropbox


Apple seems to have ambitious plans to drive its users to iCloud. Similarly Google is more likely to drive users of its ecosystem that include Chrome Android Gmail and Google Docs to its own tightly integrated cloud storage. Barret does a great job in describing the business model of Dropbox That 96% of nonpaying customers is throwing their stuff into Dropbox at this kind of pace that thousands of folks each day blow through the free 2 gigabytes of storage and upgrade to 50 gigs for $10 a month or 100 gigs for $20


Even if Houston doesn t check in a single customer in 2012 his sales will double. The revenue model Barret describes will prosper but not for Dropbox. The beneficiaries will be the the giants — Microsoft Apple Google Amazon and perhaps Facebook. Full disclosure: I am long Apple from a mean of $131


I took profits on 50% of the location at a mean price of $360. Subscribers to ZYX Buy Change Alert could have an identical position and could have taken similar actions. Please be happy to write down me at Nigam@TheAroraReport. com

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