Sep 24, 2020
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Listen To What Gold Is Saying If You Want To Make Money

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Gallery: Four Ways To Invest In Gold
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View gallery In this article I will show you four easy steps for consistently making money in gold and silver markets through all their twists and turns. I monitor all major commodities all major currencies economic indicators from 23 countries trends in bonds all over the globe 3 000 U


S. stocks and 1 000 international stocks. By far it’s easiest to make money on gold and silver. Calling major shifts in gold and silver markets is easy; all you must do is to hear the markets themselves. Here are the four simple steps to consistent profitability if you do not need to purchase and hold forever


Leave Your Opinions at the Door: A common mistake is to form an opinion about the direction of gold and silver first and then finding data to justify the opinion. This mode of thinking makes it impossible to hear the message from the markets. Smash the Rear View Mirror: Looking into the history is fine for learning but it isn’t a good way to trade markets when they are in uncharted territory


Countless dollars were lost by investing in gold and silver looking in the rear view mirror. Investors use a range of indicators from the extremely simple to thearcane; the actuality is that none of these indicators consistently work. The area today is unlike any time in the past. For some reason investors don’t use this simple fact in their trading


Discuss What Matters and Ignore the Rest: For investing in gold and silver only two data points matter – inflation and need for safety driven by geopolitical factors. There are not any other variables that have shown consistent correlation with the movement in gold and silver during the last three years


Investors are at an advantage just targeting these two data points and ignoring everything else. PROMOTED Grads of Life BRANDVOICE | Paid Program
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An Important Step To Success For Young People Starts With #WhyApply On September 18 Listen to the Message of the Markets: Until three years ago investing in gold and silver was simple


If inflation was accelerating gold and silver rose; if inflation was decelerating gold and silver went down. If a geopolitical crisis was heating up gold and silver went up; if it was a benign geopolitical environment gold and silver drifted down. This simple pattern no longer works. During the last three years success has been a question of hearing the market and identifying which combination of inflation and safety trade is calling the market correctly


The mathematically inclined inflation has three sub variables: inflation deflation and disinflation. The desire for safety has two variables: risk on and risk off. At The Arora Report we use adaptive algorithms i. e. algorithms that automatically change based for sale conditions. However most of the task could be accomplished without any knowledge of mathematics and computers


A demonstration follows. Special Offer: Crude Oil is up 40% since October 3. What s the way to play the rebound? Click here for Curtis Hesler s complete energy and tough assets portfolio in Professional Timing Service. On December 8 2011 the gold market sent a clear signal that the gold market was changing the aggregate of variables described above


On rumors that the European Central Bank (ECB) would sell bonds gold spiked. The message was that gold would go up on any inflationary move. Within minutes I had learned that most definitely the scoop was false allowing me to short sell for a very short-term trade. Once media started reporting that the scoop was false gold started falling


The ECB not selling bonds meant disinflation and increased risk. The beginning of the fall in gold sent a message that until something changed gold would no longer respond to high risk i. e. risk didn’t matter and gold would respond only to any disinflationary move. This was a clear shift from the manner gold acted in advance of December 8


Anyone may have easily observed the foregoing and given a sell signal on gold. The adjacent diagram shows how gold and silver will act until the markets send us one other message. Profit making opportunities abound not just in gold and silver but also miners. Tickers of interest include SLW AEM NEM ABX GG SSRI CDE AG HL GDX GDXJ ZSL SLV and GLD


My record of consistently generating profits in gold and silver is easily documented. The chart shows my calls on silver. The chart shows my two calls at the top in gold for this trading cycle. About Me: I’m an engineer and nuclear physicist by background have founded two Inc. 500 fastest growing companies and feature been eager about over 50 entrepreneurial ventures


I’m the executive investment officer at The Arora Report which publishes four newsletters to aid investors profit from change

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