Sep 24, 2020
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Online Skill Game Market To Be Changed By Cryptocurrencies (Infographic)

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Making money while playing video games is a difficult task. There are some how you can go about it including playing in major competitions streaming and regular online gambling. All of those avenues are difficult and may seem impossible for the regular player. The PlayHall gaming platform that’s currently in beta desires to make the method of playing for money easier and it’s going to use cryptocurrencies to do it


What’s PlayHall? PlayHall is an internet gaming platform that permits players to interact each other in games of skill inclusive of chess backgammon quiz games and more. Sites like this aren’t extraordinary but what makes this site unique and innovative is that they’re using cryptocurrencies to permit their players to play for real money


Unlike your standard gambling site these games are player vs player and are centered around games of skill intellectual abilities reaction and attentiveness in preference to luck. These skill games will allow players to win cryptocurrencies in a secure environment. The web skill game market is growing a very good rate


It truly is tied to both the mobile game market and the eSport market. Skill games account for about 10% of the mobile game market which in 2016 involves about 4. 3 billion and is predicted to interrupt 7 billion by 2020. Moreover the recognition of eSports has been growing year after year


In 2017 the eSport audience was about of 385 million inclusive of 191 million eGamers and 194 million viewers. Furthermore the eSport gamer market is predicted to arrive 286 million by the top of 2018. The PlayHall platform desires to benefit from these markets by allowing players to play for real money


Already their beta platform includes games like Soccer Quiz Football Quiz and Checkers. They’ve also gained authorization for games like chess backgammon and a lot of others. By the top of 2019 they’re hoping to feature 200 games to the platform. The skilled gamer market and the eSport market are very similar in that they contain a competitive


[+] KANDER10 DESIGNS How are cryptocurrencies going to be used? Playhall is creating its own currency Called PlayHall Tokens to be used on its platform. This would be the main currency used for tournament play and other matches. However they’re also allowing using several other currencies like Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Ethereum Classic Dash ZCash and Bitcoin Cash to assist essentially anyone within the cryptocurrency market to play on their site


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