Sep 24, 2020
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It’s Not The End Of An Era For The Detroit Tigers, But It Should Be

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FILE – During this Nov. 22 2016 file photo Chris Ilitch smiles during a press conference in Detroit. . [+] ASSOCIATED PRESS Detroit Tigers manager Ron Gardenhire announced his retirement effective Saturday night. It certainly is a turning of the page for a franchise in transition. However it is not a brand new chapter


The Tigers are still trudging through an extremely painful rebuild but on the bright side the Tigers perhaps in line for an additional top 5 draft pick. On the downside the landscape of player development has completely changed in light of COVID-19 and the Tigers reputation in player development is under heavy scrutiny with every underwhelming call up they make


The Tigers saw the MLB debut of 6 pitchers who threw enough innings to qualify on Fangraphs leaderboards and the early returns are 0. 1 fWAR collectively. It is pretty disappointing considering the hype surrounding two of those pitchers are top prospects Casey Mize and Tarik Skubal. Even worse is they’re getting out pitched by rookies that are older younger on better teams on (somehow) worse teams-and in Mize s case-all were drafted picks behind him


Frankly the most thing that is propping up Mize and Skubal s fWAR numbers at this point is they’re pitching a good amount of innings. It is reasonable to expect rookie pitchers to struggle of their debut seasons but it is not unreasonable to be disappointed once they underdeliver on lofty expectations


What compounds the problem is there is no Minor League season to use as a reference to forecast what to expect. Nor was there a Minor League season to trace their progress. Everything we find out about them was essentially propaganda peddled by the Tigers internal sources. However problem still remains; the Tigers are pretty terrible at developing players and this seems to have had a profound impact on the development of Casey Mize and Tarik Skubal


Very similar to Summer Camp the Tigers look fabulous when they’re playing themselves. The second they step on the field with another team they typically look pretty bad. When you look around the league and see a team just like the San Francisco Giants make a relatively quick turnaround once they were alleged to be knee deep in their very own Tigers-esque rebuild it reveals which you do not have to tank to be competitive


Very similar to the Tigers most people cannot name the San Francisco Giants starting nine however the Giants are still within the thick of the playoff race. And before you mention the extended playoff format the Giants would still be within the hunt with the regular format. PROMOTED While the Giants appear a special case so are the Tigers


Actually the Tigers ought to burn all of it down. The front office the Major League staff the analytics department (really what are they doing or if nobody listens to them why are they there?) and the player development staff ought to be overhauled. There’s greater than enough proof that there are executives within the industry that may operate competitive ball clubs on the cheap


With owner Chris Ilitch s interest in mind those teams are still very profitable. Recently you do not have to spend much money to earn money in baseball. You are able to spend some money and make quite a few money. While many people complain concerning the extended playoff format continuing into the 2021 season and beyond this may actually be an extremely great point for the Tigers


They could possibly find an executive to field a competitive team on the cheap just like the Tampa Bay Rays that also never wins the large one because they’ll not spend the large bucks. The advantage the Tigers have over the Rays is they’ve a park that does not appear as if an outsized cat litter box and a market that is actually interested in watching competitive baseball


The Detroit Tigers current approach to fleecing their dedicated fanbase by baiting them with false promises a great social media presence after which giving them a substandard on field product might be turned around. The Tigers ought to upgrade their grift. Dollars to doughnuts there is a 100% chance that there are better executives that may field a more competitive team with a smaller payroll and cheaper coaching staff than they’ve now


Furthermore the Tigers have a slew of young prospects on the horizon that-if optimized- could be highly valuable and relatively cheap labor for years to come. The retirement of Ron Gardenhire is the turning of a page but this season could be the closing of a chapter. If owner Chris Ilitch cares about winning there is a lot he can do to realize that


But when Chris Ilitch just desires to continue owning a Major League Baseball team and profiting as much as possible he’s going about it the incorrect way. The Detroit Tigers might be better and still profitable hopefully the exit of Ron Gardenhire could be the spark Ilitch must burn all of it down

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