Sep 24, 2020
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How Instagram Is Driving Millennials Towards Homeownership

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Are social media platforms like Instagram pushing millennials into buying their first homes? Per a recent report from Bank of America it s definitely a motivating factor. 21% of respondents indicate that they want to buy due to fear of missing out. Another 27% see pictures of houses posted on Instagram and realize that if their peers should buy homes they could accomplish that as well


Below are some insights into how all of this plays out and how buyers and sellers can benefit. Property related hashtags are on the increase There are more than 30 property relevant hashtags that realtors decorators homebuyers and others use on Instagram and other platforms. These make it easy to find real estate related posts and to showcase properties to those who find themselves interested


A number of the more popular include: #Realestate
#Property or #Properties #Homeforsale
#Buymyhouse There also are a slew of very popular hashtags which are related to interior design. These include: PROMOTED Deloitte BRANDVOICE | Paid Program
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Grads of Life BRANDVOICE | Paid Program
Show Me The Equal Money
Why Kids Of All Races Need To Know How To Talk About Race
#Smallspacesquad Hashtags in either one of these categories may be used to tag photos of real estate for sale


Lookers can look for these to find homes that interest them and to get inspirational design ideas. Everyone s a photographer and that s a good thing A visible platform like Instagram is driven by great videos and photographs. Not in the past photography was something which could only be pursued in any serious way by people who had expensive equipment and invested a number of time honing their skills


Now nearly anyone can take some amazing pictures of houses landscapes and interiors. As opposed to having just some shots to reveal on Zillow sellers can showcase each room using different lighting and filters often with shots taken right from their phones. Buyers can take virtual tours of houses even watch live video of properties that interest them


Instagram can open up millennials to home ownership possibilities There are a number of reasons that millennials avoid home ownership. They feel as though they could t afford the cost or that they could t qualify for a mortgage. Some are overwhelmed with the responsibilities of paying real estate taxes and maintaining a home


Others simply find it impractical to purchase a home after they aren t married or planning a family. Then there s the problem of size. For most homes are large and impractical. Finally the complete process of purchasing a home is truly intimidating. Since Instagram isn t just about selling products but additionally about lifestyle it s an outstanding platform for educating millennials about their options


The small or tiny home movement has a huge presence on Instagram educating millennials and others about their choices in terms of buying and living in micro spaces. In addition to this realtors and others can use the platform to drive potential home buyers to their websites to educate them on home ownership options consisting of leasing to own


They could also educate millennials at the nuts and bolts of real estate sales including property conveyance. Millennials are simply aging and Instagram is reflecting a natural progression Instagram isn t just an influencer of millennials. It also reflects their growth and changing priorities. Millennials are frequently portrayed as directionless students and twenty somethings


Certainly millennials are between 22 and 37 years old. Most are well-entrenched in their careers. Many have families. Home ownership is simply the next logical step for them. The only difference is that while their parents spent Sundays going to open houses and bought home decorating magazines they scroll through Instagram to look out real estate and get inspired


Real estate brands are more present on Instagram now than ever All of this ends up in one thing. Millennials are using Instagram to look for homes to get decorating ideas and to have interaction with one another at the topic of home ownership. People inside the know at real estate agencies construction companies home decor firms etc


realize this. In response they’re meeting millennials where they’re by creating a presence on Instagram and other visual platforms. Instagram has created an outstanding social platform both for those drawn to home ownership and those that make money from the process. It s a great place to showcase homes for sale collect decorating ideas and learn more about the fine details of homeownership

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