Sep 24, 2020
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How To Make Money Off Your Breakup And Bounce Back Faster

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This is Mentoring Moments—a series of stories about triumphs and skids from successful women. Mentoring Moments is now a podcast. Annabel Acton Founder Never Liked It Anyway ANNABEL ACTON What do you do with the belongings you re left with after a breakup? Instead of burning or tossing everything when love goes wrong what if you are able to earn money from those unwanted love relics? Due to Annabel Acton now you can


Acton is the founding father of Never Liked It Anyway the eBay for breakups—it s the number-one place to buy sell and tell all things ex. It s an area to unload stuff and get better as your best self. Business blossomed and now there s a book the Bounce Back Stack (challenge cards) and she or he s engaged on a TV show


Acton is likewise a Women@Forbes contributor. And it began together with her mentoring moment in her words: My mentoring moment came within the sort of an unexpected breakup. It was ahead of Christmas and I used to be meant to fly to London to celebrate the vacation together with his family once I suddenly found myself with plane tickets that I not had use for


That almost Christmas my options were limited. Then I started thinking about all this other stuff I had that I not wanted: a necklace artwork we bought together and concert tickets for shows arising within the new year. It was all still great stuff I just didn t want it around anymore


I started joking with my friends a few website that would allow you to offload all of your breakup baggage so you are able to make some cash to buy something that would make you are feeling fabulous again. Everyone laughed after which shared stories of their own—one friend had a Turkish rug she bought on holiday and now didn t know what do with it and another had a box of jewelry from an ex under her bed that her current fiancée didn t know about


It seemed breakup collateral was a real problem. Soon after my breakup my older sister swooped in to cheer me up and brought me the book Why Men Marry Bitches. This led to a different aha moment—I was surprised that this was the story we girls chose to tell each other


Surely we will do better than this? I d been working as an innovation consultant for about ten years and decided to seem into the breakup space. It sort of feels sordid but stick with me. Not only was the space completely empty (surprising when online dating is saturated and has $2 billion in annual revenues) it was really jaded


There have been two stereotypes happening 1) sit on the sofa in pajamas while watching Bridget Jones and sobbing right into a pint of Ben & Jerry s or 2) unleash your inner crazy and key your ex s sports car. It felt out of touch depressing and so far faraway from the fashionable women


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Students Get Creative For National Voter Registration Day My first-hand experience my friends experiences and my research gave me the arrogance to forge ahead and launch Never Liked It Anyway—it s positive cheeky and all about moving forward not moping about


Our sellers share their breakup stories as well as their Bounce Back Plan which describes how they plan to spend the cash they make. Additionally they tell us the Real World Price and the Breakup Price. People have sold everything including wedding dresses engagement rings Harley Davidsons BB guns and even a bottle of ketchup


Unsurprisingly I often get asked for top tips for moving on from a breakup. Listed here are some nuggets I ve picked up over the years. Don t Go It Alone. It s easy to desire to hide and shut yourself off to the world but this makes you a lot more more likely to fall into negative spirals


Let your mates help— that s what they re there for and also you d do an identical for them! Banish All Traces. You don t ought to sell or toss reminders of your ex just yet but make sure they’re out of sight. This includes any triggers like music or movies that make you think about that person


Pop them in a shoebox and conceal them until you re ready to truly let go. Lighten Up. Laughter really is the best medicine. Find the way to let laughter in. Find time for comedy nights improv evenings and your funniest friends. Try New Things. Break old habits and form new ones


Take in new activities hobbies and adventures that haven’t any associations together with your ex. Splurge A Little. You don t have to completely blow the bank but treat yourself to something fabulous that sends a signal to yourself which you love and respect yourself. Your confidence will radiate to others and that they ll treat you accordingly


Red lipstick is usually a great idea—it s the ultimate instant confidence booster. Get Creative. Unleash your imagination and let those emotions fly: paint write a song sing and sketch. Whatever you select don t judge do exactly it. It s instant therapy and it s free. Get Strong. Avoid smashing tubs of ice-cream and focus on building your physical strength—it s often easier to construct it from the outside in


Walk an additional block lift an additional weight and take an additional hour of Pilates. You ll get on a roll faster than you think

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