Sep 24, 2020
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The Benefits Of Investing In Monthly-Paying REITs

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Accountant verify and check Due date for payment Expense and Vendor of monetary Business. [+] GETTY I m a big advocate of shareholders reinvesting their dividends. It s a great way to build up your portfolio s potential including your retirement s exact degree and charm of enjoyment. There are two aspects to dividend reinvesting that make it the worthwhile practice that it is


For starters there s the thought of saving up for a rainy day: setting money aside which you don t need now for something bigger better and doubtless more necessary. Maybe even a lot more necessary. Like… say… retirement. I understand it s difficult to exist in a society where maintaining with the Joneses is put on such a pedestal


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Manuel Pastor And Amelia Ransom So and So Is Wearing Such and Such. Guess Which Household Name Owns These 17 Fast-and-Furious Sportscars? 6 Hollywood Vacation Spots You Can t Afford but Should Check Out Anyway! It s okay to admit if you end up envious every once in a while


Or more. If You Don t Got It Save Yet those sharp clothes and glossy rims and insanely luxurious getaways are fleeting commodities. They stand out within the moment well enough I know. (Okay they intensely stand out within the very long very impressive moment well enough. ) And if those celebrities have the cash to afford what they re rocking while still saving up for retirement then good for them


But as we ve already established that s them. Chances are high it s not you. So it s best to place some blinders on during this regard and focus on the future. Don t be just like the too many people in that Will Rogers quote we re all sick of hearing by now: Too many people spend money they haven t earned to buy things they don t want to impress those that they don t like


Whatever non-necessity purchase might feel love it s worth it within the moment; but you won t be thinking that very same way the subsequent time a rainy day comes around. The Power of Compounding In order that s the first aspect of why dividends are such valuable resources. They provide you with extra money to place toward your savings goals whether those goals are short-term to assist fund your 14-year-old kid s upcoming college degree… mid-term like accruing enough money to make a large down payment on a brand new house in 10 years… or long-term just like the retirement cushion we ve already discussed


Now here s the second portion of this worthwhile equation: By being a type of thrifty shareholders who reinvest their dividends you re not only saving money. You re making a living as well. And sometimes you re making quite a bit. These are hardly instant millions we re talking about


Please don t misunderstand me. You re not playing the lottery here. However looking on how much you re investing within the first place you can make extra thousands or tens of thousands – maybe much more – over time. That is the power of compounding at work. The Song That Never Ends At its most elementary compounding is the passive act of making extra money off of money you ve already made


For that matter at its most intricate compounding isn t a lot more difficult to understand. You put money into a dividend-yielding stock. You receive that dividend income. You set that dividend income back into the stock buying up more shares that yield more dividend income which you put back into the stock to buy up more shares that yield more dividend income… Like The Song That Never Ends it s a continuing cycle until you fall ill of it


Unlike The Song That Never Ends I don t really think you will. If anything I think you ll want more of it. The more wisely saved money the better. Right? That s why I like the thought of monthly paying dividend stocks so a lot more than the quarterly paying examples Americans like me are most familiar with


More frequent payments mean more opportunities to compound at a faster rate. That s a great point stacked on top of another great point that I for one don t want to ignore. 12 Compoundable Dividend Payments a Year The sole problem with monthly paying dividend stocks as an entire is that there aren t enough of them


This includes those in my exact area of expertise: real estate investment trusts. Canada has them aplenty. That s actually the norm for his or her REITs; and during this regard I wish the U. S. would take a page out of its northerly neighbor s playbook. Monthly dividends aren t difficult to switch over to and that they benefit retirement-focused folks each bit as much as those who ve already retired


If there s a collective downside to the notion don t ask me. I d much rather spend the remainder of this text filling you in on the select few U. S. REITs that do make the monthly cut. Naturally I ve narrowed the small list down further still by assessing their fundamentals


The stocks down below are solid. And so are their dividends – all 12 of them per year. Source: iREIT As you can see we love Apple Hospitality (APLE) Chatham Lodging (CLDT) EPR Properties (EPR) Gladstone Land (LAND) LTC Properties (LTC) Realty Income (O) and STAG Industrial. There are other monthly-paying REITs but they aren t one s we’d recommend today


Also there are only three that we would actually BUY today in line with valuation: APLE LAND and LTC. We promote waiting on a pullback before buying CLDT O and STAG. I own shares in APLE LAND LTC O and STAG

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