Sep 24, 2020
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10 Customer Experience Alternatives To Competing On Price For The Holidays

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GETTY Holiday shopping is legendary for deep discounts and large sales. Entire websites are dedicated to finding the best deals but is consistently slashing prices really a strategic move for businesses? Competing simply on price isn t sustainable. Eventually the business will no long be creating wealth or be different from the other company


The answer is to compete on customer experience. There needs to be more to a sales strategy than winning by selling the least expensive goods. Successful companies with long-term visions build experiences that separate themselves from the competition. In place of competing on price this holiday season companies can use these 10 customer experience alternatives


Create Experiences Brick and mortar isn t dead; it s simply evolving. In place of just browsing items customers want experiences. Experiential retail includes everything from interactive showrooms to technology-equipped stores with immersive experiences. Beauty brand L Occitane runs an experiential flagship store in New York that transports customers to France with sensory experiences and several rotating Instagram-friendly photo backdrops


The overall goal is to create an area that is memorable and interesting for customers. Teach Customers Engaging with education may be a huge opportunity to create a powerful customer experience. When customers learn something they see the value of what they’re purchasing and understand why it is probably not the least expensive option available


Whole Foods educates customers with signs through the store that teach customers the way to use produce and explain ingredients in household and wonder items. Employees are reachable to answer questions and make grocery shopping a tutorial experience. Bring Communities Together Brands have the unique opportunity to bring together like-minded people and build communities


Successful companies turn shopping into an interactive group experience in place of each customer feeling alone. Gymshark has built a powerful brand community with a blog and powerful social media presence for patrons to share their healthy living and exercise tips with each other. PROMOTED Stewardship Asia Centre BRANDVOICE | Paid Program
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Grads of Life BRANDVOICE | Paid Program
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As Election Day Nears Commit To Voting #ForEveryChild Practice Sustainability Environmental concerns are top of mind for many people and customers are looking for the way to minimize their carbon footprints


Brands that provide sustainable goods and processes show they care concerning the world around them often greater than profits. The Honest Company sells organic sustainable baby and residential products customers be ok with buying. Customers know their purchases aren t hurting our surroundings or the folks of their homes and are willing to pay more for them


Engage Customers Customers desire to be appreciated not only treated like dollar signs. Engaging customers around a standard purpose helps them feel valued. While many fitness centers allow customers to be anonymous Orange Theory engages customers with unique personalized workouts and gamification. With heart rate monitors and knowledge to work out personal improvements Orange Theory Fitness stimulates the intellectual physical and emotional aspects of human connection


Give Back Customers desire to be portion of something bigger than themselves. When a purchase order can do good on the earth everyone is more willing to spend money and build a relationship with the brand. Giving back can are available various forms which include one-for-one giving or contributing a portion of sales to charities


Sock company Bombas has a faithful following partially because it donates a pair of socks for every pair purchased. They aren t the least expensive socks on the market but customers hook up with the message of giving back. Build Relationships Especially around the holidays customers are looking for the way to build relationships with family and friends


Successful brands facilitate those relationships and create an environment where people can come together. Among the first paint and sip companies Painting With a Twist aims to create an environment where customers can experience a carefree escape with family and friends. The corporate provides the atmosphere and tools for patrons to strengthen their relationships


Provide Personalized Service In our world full of data there s no reason why companies can t offer personalized service for every customer. A very personalized experience comes from understanding every body s needs and preferences. Among the reasons for Netflix s monster success is its data-driven approach to personalization


Each customer gets a curated list of content they might enjoy in order that every body s viewing experience is unique. Offer Speed And Convenience All year long but especially in the course of the holidays customers resonate with brands that make their lives easier. Speed and convenience can come through fast delivery options to select items up in store or mobile experiences that simplify basic interactions


Target aims to make life easier for patrons by offering various delivery options including fast shipping in-store pickup and even bringing items out to the car. Find Proactive Solutions In place of looking forward to customers to return to them many companies use predictive analytics to locate proactive solutions for customers


When a customer checks right into a Brooks Brothers store on social media the brand proactively follows as much as check on their experience and answer any questions. Reaching out to customers could make their lives easier and improve the overall experience. Customer-centric companies don t compete solely on price


With many items becoming commodities the best way to face out and be sustainable is to supply a powerful customer experience. Blake Morgan is a keynote speaker and the author of the bestselling book The Customer Of The Future. Enroll in her weekly email newsletter here

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