Sep 24, 2020
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Eververse Is Pointless, And ‘Destiny 2’ Should Be Making Money Other Ways

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Destiny 2 BUNGIE It is always somewhat satisfying to work out a formerly irritating microtransaction system nerfed into borderline irrelevance due to fan complaints which is strictly what has happened with Destiny 2 s Eververse store. Things were at their worst when Curse of Osiris arrived earlier this year and Eververse had practically just as many new items as there was actual loot to farm within the DLC


But these days? Eververse is so irrelevant you are able to practically ignore it completely and you actually don t ought to pay money for it. What happened? Prismatic Facets were introduced (then pulled then re-introduced) allowing players to hunt for items from a smaller pool each week With the introduction of Collections everyone felt pretty comfortable dismantling a ton of Eververse gear/shaders and ending up with mountains of Bright Dust consequently (I m almost 30K)
Eververse now offers bounties that give additional Bright Dust for very (very) easy tasks
Some of the most valuable items in Eververse won t drop as duplicates like ornaments PROMOTED Civic Nation BRANDVOICE | Paid Program
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For holiday events there’s now item knockout meaning you don t get duplicate items during limited time loot pools
Things exotic ghosts and sparrows have also been put in other parts of the sport now so Eververse isn t the sole source of them
You can routinely earn 9 Eververse engrams every week easily due to XP boosts each character gets Destiny 2 BUNGIE Add these kind of together and also you get a microtransaction store where you really do not have to spend any money


You will get a ton of Eververse stuff just by playing and the belongings you don t get you are able to usually eventually just buy with Bright Dust which you earn via bounties and deleting belongings you don t want. I’m not saying it is bad so don t misinterpret this


I am thinking about the wholesale destruction of anything resembling a loot box system but while Eververse still exists obviously it s hard to say it s the fear it once was. It is good. With that said it s extremely clear that Activision goes to wish Bungie to tug extra money out of players except just releasing new big and small expansions periodically


As for a way they ought to be earning money outside Eververse? Two suggestions items I ve touched on in the past in both Destiny 1 and 2: Destiny 2 BUNGIE A True Cosmetic Store For Your Guardian Firstly let players constantly change and edit the arrival of their Guardian as some have been stuck with ugly mugs for four full years now


Whether or not they pay for that re-editing privilege or its free to encourage store purchases that s as much as Bungie. However the point is that Bungie could be selling an entire bunch of stuff in a cosmetic storefront when it comes to character design. I’d easily pay for brand spanking new faces hairstyles face paint scars color palates menu screen poses and more for some bucks each and I think I m not the sole one


Yes I do know this can be a game where you rarely see your character s face but say if this was paired with…more cutscenes that show your character (and they really talk) that would help but in case you do play without your helmet on you are seeing your character a lot within the menus and in places just like the Tower so I do think this holds value to many people


Certainly more value than quite a few the crap Eververse is peddling these days. Warframe DIGITAL EXTREMES Ship Interiors Destiny is consistently being compared often unfavorably to Warframe and it is one aspect of that game I d love to work out Destiny steal. Right now ships are nothing greater than loading screens and have been for years but I would really like to work out our Guardians be capable of walk around the interiors of their ships an area that could be a touch mini space apartment that could serve both practical purposes (pick up bounties there!) and cosmetic ones


The cosmetic idea will be another path to microtransctions for Bungie. Players could pay to decorate their ships interiors with everything from furniture to weapon and armor mounts to the heads of War Beasts hanging on the wall. These kind of could be tied to actual in-game achievements. Like you have to say beat the Cayde-6 Ace of Spades quest to be about to buy the mount for it


As Forsaken has shown Destiny players love achievements but I think something like this would be a great physical manifestation of the present achievements pages that are just endless lines of text with nothing actually attached to them. For my money literally my money it is stuff I’d pay for


More so than I’d Eververse loot box engrams a minimum of and while yes I want Bungie to mainly talk about more and more gameplay content I think tasking a team with stuff like this would be a good suggestion instead of reworking Eververse to make it crappier and more exploitative again


But we ll see if anything like this ever happens. Follow me on Twitter  Facebook and Instagram. Read my new sci-fi thriller novel Herokiller available now in print and online. I also wrote The Earthborn Trilogy

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