Sep 24, 2020
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Guide to ESG Funds. Warning Attached

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Make money and be ethical. Quite a few investors like that idea. Maybe too many. Clean investing GETTY It s boomtime for socially conscious investing. Money is pouring in. Good-guy stocks are hot. For now you are able to invest with a conscience and beat the market too. The table lists the best deals among social funds: Five cheap exchange-traded funds and eight affordable open-end funds


ESG Funds FORBES This list comes with a caution however. Socially reponsible portfolios have a tendency to be very heavy on growth stocks like Nvidia and Mastercard which have had a big run in the past decade. When you buy a stock with a golden glow you risk paying too much


I ll raise the prospect while reflecting on an earlier era of stocks that seemingly couldn t go wrong. Morningstar reports that inflows to ESG funds—so called via their attention to environmental social and governance matters—were $17. 7 billion from January through November triple last year s total for 12 months


ESG stocks are winners. Vanguard s exchange-traded fund dedicated to them has beaten its broad stock-market index fund by three percentage points over the past year. PROMOTED Civic Nation BRANDVOICE | Paid Program
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Leveraging Opportunity Employment To Advance Racial Justice In Corporate America Parnassus Core Equity an open-end ESG fund featured in a Forbes magazine article in February is coining money for the those who run it


The fund is hauling in $11 million a month of fee revenue. It s treating its investors well too. Over the past year it too has beaten that broad-market fund by owning the sought-after shares of Mastercard Microsoft Nvidia and other clean-living corporations. The bull market has not been kind to grittier outfits


Oil and gas stocks that are scarce within the Vanguard ESG fund and absent at Parnassus have lagged badly over the past decade. The winners have been silicon and software companies with fat profit margins. These wind up in ESG portfolios because they treat their employees well—that s easy to do if you’re in an immensely profitable line of work—and they don t have smokestacks


It s hard to argue against stocks that answer to investors yearning for top ethical standards and likewise to their greed. But there comes some extent at which a wonderful company isn’t a wonderful investment. It s overbought. Let s now turn the clock back 48 years to an earlier era of beloved stocks


These were the Nifty Fifty companies with great business models market dominance and seemingly endless growth. They were called one decision stocks because you are able to add them to a portfolio and never ought to reconsider. They traded at steep multiples of their earnings. A number of those companies did well for investors (Wal-Mart Stores was on the list)


Some like Avon Products saw nice earnings growth for ages but left investors poorer because their P/Es came back to earth. Competitors and marketplace changes did surprising damage to other Nifty Fifty companies: Burroughs Eastman Kodak Emery Air Freight K mart Polaroid Simplicity Pattern. ESG Favorites FORBES The table above assembles what we will call the Fabulous Fifteen


All of them might be present in ESG portfolios trade at 25 or more times trailing earnings and luxuriate in net income above $100 000 per employee. Rich employers like these wind up on lists of admired companies and best places to work. Their saintly behavior lands them in ESG funds


They re a great way to take a position with a conscience unless competitors show up

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