Sep 24, 2020
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29 More Ways To Make More Money

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In my previous article I outlined 54 methods to make money but the money making options were not over so here are another 29 methods to make money–bringing us to a total of 83 methods to make money and if I’m honest I have probably forgotten a few and I definitely want to get the list to 100


But until then you’ve 83 amazing methods to make money and that’s a superb start! Smiling young lady pointing at dollar banknotes in hand bank credit earnings GETTY Hobby / Side Hustle A large percentage of the population are now targeting having an aspect hustle to bring in additional income and there are a number of side hustles accessible that you should try


But you could also start by turning your hobby into an aspect hustle! 55) Cake maker: Maybe you’ve a fondness for baking why not consider how to offer your services to a much broader audience and charge for the pleasure. ONLY if you are actually good of course! The year round there are opportunities to sell cakes for birthdays christenings hen parties corporate events etc


(oh and the ingredients are pretty inexpensive). 56) Seamstress: Whether it s tailoring or making clothes people across the world need a little sewing help here and there. 57) Making Hampers: A superb option especially in this peak Christmas period the actuality is hampers are just a combination of smaller items combined into pretty packages


And they are able to be sold for a premium for that reason especially if they are delivered straight to the recipient! 58) Sweet Making: Another opportunity to sell an artistic item online on a stall at the local fair etc. 59) Greeting cards: Handmade cards for all the seasons


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61) Curtain making: If you have this level of craftsmanship then making curtains may be very lucrative. 62) Print on demand products: Create a branded product that you only print on demand as an example a T-shirt that way there is not any stock and initial financial outlay and you just pay for the article once you have a client


Win Win. 63) White label products: Choose the product you like the look of and rebrand it and sell it online via e-comms channels – this may well be phone cases candles creams vapes etc. You might not even need to hold stock if you may find a drop shipment model


64) Write an e-book: Have a particular expertise? Want to share it with the world? Write an e-book and begin selling it online. 65) Create an app: If you have the tech no how you may charge to make apps for others from hundreds to the thousands. Or you could opt to create your own app to list at the app store and derive revenue that way


66) Affiliate Marketing: Do you’ve a ready made database or a large following on social media? May well be you may make money by being an affiliate for larger brands. 67) Photography: Do you’ve a keen eye? and a superb quality camera or are you willing to do a course? You are able to charge to your semi- pro skills! 68) Sell Stock Content: Otherwise for a photographer to make money from images by selling images at the likes of Shutterstock Getty Images Dreamstime etc


69) Run events: club nights park events lunches brunches. 70) Instagram Influencer: Not really easy to do but if you have managed to achieve a following via your instagram following you could wish to consider how you charge for posts for brands. These ads are a good way to make money and you may make anywhere from 50 to a few million (if you’re a Kardashian) for just one post! Buying and Selling 71) Sourcing: Become the visit people for sourcing products for clients you may get paid for doing the leg work and sourcing solutions for clients


72) Car boot sales: You’ve lots of stuff that you don t need—yes you—so why not make some money by eliminating the items that you don t need or use any more! Get the family involved too or take their bits and sell them (with permission). 73) Property finder: Sourcing property and finding a buyer basically connecting the dots for a commission


A healthy commission at that. 74) E-commerce: Start a web sales business via amazon ebay or your own website. Find products that you want to sell it can be everyday products like clothes or unique niche products but investigate what sells well and in numbers. You could wish to consider a drop shipment model so you don t have to carry stock 75) Import/export: Helping people who need to import or export goods you may hire a container to be shipped to another country and collect the items and charge accordingly


76) Buying and Upselling: Buy cheap and sell for more somehow. This might be buying from a pound shop and selling online for additional cash or buying as a mass purchase and selling individually. Or it might be buying upgrading or wrapping and selling on. As an example I met a girl yesterday who bought a Christmas box of Oreos on sale in a supermarket she wrapped it beautifully and sold it for more than double what she bought it for and more than other sellers were selling it for on Amazon by adding value to the item! 77) Sell old clothes/unwanted items: on Depop Ebay and other online market places


Slightly like no 72 but without the early morning and cold. difference being you will now need to list individually and regular trips to the post office but you could make more than at a car boot. 78) Buy and sell domains: some domains may be purchased for as low as 99p and may well be purchased for thousands


Make your money make money 79) ISA: Consider an ISA (individual savings account) as an option to earn more cash from your money by not paying any tax on your savings. But also by investing inside the ISA – that is an option with a LISA (Lifetime ISA) and a Stocks and Shares ISA


And with the LISA you may make a 25% bonus on your money in the U. K. also. 80) Investments: There are a plethora of investments available from Gold to Property and these are definitely ways of having your money to work for you! 81) Bonds: are loans to the government or corporations that have less risk and return than stocks


These tend to be fixed income investments and you can get a payment when the bond matures. Or with the likes of premium bonds you’re entered into a lottery to your returns. 82) Stocks & Shares: A single share of the stock represents fractional ownership of the corporation in proportion to the full variety of shares


So that is your opportunity to possess a chunk of a company and accomplish a return for it. Note like with all investment there’s a risk. 83) Peer to Peer lending: Is the practice of lending money to individuals or businesses through online services that match lenders with borrowers. Conducted via the likes of Ratesetter this is an opportunity that you should act as a lender in a formal environment this often works for those who might not manage to receive a loan from the bank


Receives a competitive return on money. Remember your capital is at risk. Treat your piggy bank with the love it deserves GETTY So that s it for now and that’s without me talking about starting an exact business—if you wish to make some money you know where to start! I would like to hear from you if you have additional pointers to get me to 100 ways and if you have tried some of my tips I would to hear how they work for you


Reach out below or across social media. Happy Money Making!

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