Sep 24, 2020
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Why Chasing Money Alone Won’t Make You Happy

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Chasing money alone won t bring career fulfillment. I used to play the I will be at liberty when game. I ll be happy when I get married have a toddler lose 10 pounds—you get the idea. It s the same with money. Many people think that if they could just attain that ultimate financial goal their problems will be solved

Unfortunately chasing money alone won t bring you happiness or fulfilment


Listed here are five reasons why: Money comes and goes My father lost everything and came to the US with nothing—literally nothing however the clothes on his back. If money have been what defined him his life would have been over at that point

Instead he trusted his courage confidence determination and intelligence to tug himself up and start a brand new life from ground zero


Money is fleeting. If money equalled happiness lottery winners stands out as the happiest people on the planet. Instead lottery winners are more likely to declare bankruptcy within three to five years than the common American

Even studies have shown that winning the lottery does not necessarily make you happier or healthier


Money alone is just not enough You may think that when you reach that focus on financial goal you ll feel which include you’ve made it. Wrong. I’ve seen it again and again

Instead you want more. It s never enough. That s because having money as a goal won t fill you up—because money isn’t a destination


It s a tool. It s a way to buy clothes food cars homes tuition health care and every of the other things that you’re going to think you want or need

Even Oprah Winfrey whose net worth is $2. 6B shares that I still know I’m not my income. I’m not the way of living my income can afford me


I let money serve its purpose. But I don t live to serve money. I think that s why we have one of these beautiful relationship

Money can t change the style you are feeling about yourself You investigate wealthy people and think I wish I were them. They’ve to steer such amazing lives


But in case you think money provides you with confidence or make you are feeling more complete think again. Tom Bilyeu the co-founder of unicorn start-up Quest Nutrition says Despite how powerful money is…it can t change the style you are feeling about yourself

That s where most people go wrong


They desire to be powerful; they desire to be cool. They desire to be admired and principal they desire to admire themselves. But money can t do anything to change the style you are feeling about yourself. Your insecurities will survive becoming wealthy. In case you re not proud of who you are money won t change that

In case you don t believe in yourself money will fail you there too


Money alone doesn’t provide you with a sense of purpose If you want money only for the sake of it you won t be motivated enough to deal with the challenges you will encounter in your journey

You wish a powerful vision a purpose. In step with Steve Taylor Ph


D. author of Out of the Darkness The will for purpose is one the defining characteristics of human beings. People crave purpose and suffer serious psychological difficulties once we don t have it. Purpose is a fundamental portion of a satisfying life

Going All In On Young Voter Education Chasing passion may well be more lucrative ultimately When you have the vision and a goal the cash will eventually follow you

Doing work that does not get you excited may well be draining


Finally you become a robot just going throughout the motions. Doing what you like helps you to be creative. It fills you up with energy. When you re obsessed with your career you really end up working more because it doesn’t feel like work

By chasing passion you ll be more fulfilled build better relationships and still make as much (or more) money than someone chasing status and income


Don t get me wrong—money is necessary. It is not inherently evil and can be utilized to accomplish extraordinary things. But in case you don t feel content with yourself before you are making money the cash isn’t going to fill you up

You ll just be an unhappy man or women with a big checking account scratching your head wondering what went wrong


Success is a life-style not a destination. Chase the keenness not the money. Find something that makes you are feeling such as you like it a lot you d do it for free

The cash will come and when it does you will understand what real fulfilment feels like. In case you have been feeling stuck and are not sure it s time to make a career shift download Caroline Castrillon s free guide: 5 Signs It s Time to Make a Bold Career Change!

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